The Steak Club

We deliver your steaks to you each month. You will get access to exclusive deals and opportunities. This is the most delicious club you've ever joined.

Membership benefits

  • Each month, you'll receive five pounds (usually 5 or 6 steaks) of our best product -- from Ribeyes, Porterhouses and T-bones to Sirloin, Flank and Skirt
  • Access to members-only specials and discounted a la carte pricing for share add-ons


Join the steak club for $99 per month ($575 if you pay in six month increments or $999 for a full year) Opt out any time.

Once you're a member, you'll receive a free steak for every new member you sign up.


Please click here to see all the drop locations we currently have. If you cannot find one near you we will work with you to find other members in your vicinity to create a drop location


  • Piecemeal - White River Junction
  • At the farm! - Vershire


New York

Additional locations coming soon in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and more in the states above!

Host your own pickup point

Don't see a pickup point that works for you? We're always looking for more locations. How about your home or office? All we need is four memberships at a particular location for it to work and we will help you find the other members. Sign up to have your location waitlisted by placing your order.  If you host a pickup point, we'll discount your membership by $10 each month.


Online Payments